Restaurants and Bars

On Tuesday (July 1st) and Thursday (July 3rd) IVC 2014 delegates will have a possibility to get lunch in the restaurant located at the campus. Lunch will cost 15Lt/ person (4.3 Eur). Please buy the lunch tickets at the Registration Desk.

We would also recommend these restaurants which are close to IVC 2014 conference venue to enjoy your tasty lunch:

1. Algirdas 3* Hotel Restaurant „St. Michel“
Address: Algirdo str. 24, Vilnius | Website

2. Kinza – Asian Restaurant
Address: Naugarduko str. 14, Vilnius | Website

3. CanCan pica
Address: Mindaugo str. 11, Vilnius | Website

4. Restaurant „Fortas“
Address: Algirdo str. 17, Vilnius | Website

5. Indie bar
Address: Pylimo str. 23, Vilnius | Website

6. Reinis the COOK
Address: T. Ševčenkos str. 16A, Vilnius | Website

7. Chinese RestaurantPekino antis
Address: Algirdo str. 26, Vilnius | Website

8. 7 Fridays
Address: Pranciškonų str. 3, Vilnius | Website

9. Basilico Restaurant
Address: Pylimo str. 21, Vilnius | Website

If you are looking for more places to enjoy lovely food & music, wineries for long talks or bars for a late night-out, please check our GUIDE